About us

The law office of Šendera and Čihák is an association of attorneys of law. This law office has been active since 1990 and still is expanding to fulfill our clients’ increasing needs by offering numerous legal services and the firm’s in-house specialists. Our goal is to provide a complete set of services in order to satisfy our clients’ need for top-quality advice.

Through its extensive personnel structure, the law office of Šendera and Čihák offers legal services for foreign clients in the following languages:

The law office at present has three offices, in Karlovy Vary and Sokolov..

The law office not only covers work with partner law firms in the entire Czech Republic, but also cooperates with law offices in Germany, Slovak Republic, Israel and Georgia.

The law office cooperates constantly with other partners to ensure the legal interests of its clients and to satisfy its clients’ complex needs related to supported legal services: patent representation, tax advice, real estate, and personal auditing. This office also cooperates with offices of notaries, officially appointed experts, translators, and more.

The law office represents continuous contracts about providing legal services on many subjects, not only from the business sphere, but also from the public sphere-municipal authorities, state authorities, and more.

The law office provides its legal services based not only on contracts with permanent clients (complete flat contracts), but also on individual orders of clients with a concrete legal case.

Regarding its legal services and its dimension, Šendera and Čihák is insured above standard (in long terms up to many millions of CZK).

The law office Šendera and Čihák is the constituent member of the Group European laywers partners.

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